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L-R: John Sykes, Jim Davis, Larry Gregory, Gary Kitson Photo by Kevin McGowan

We are proud to announce that the "Lady Be Good" exhibit is now on display near the Museum's Gift Shop. Those who visited the Museum prior to Hurricane Ike might recognize this exhibit - it was in the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame. The "Lady Be Good" diorama was extensively damaged during Hurricane Ike, and has been restored by Lone Star Flight Museum volunteers Gary Kitson, Jim Davis and John Sykes.

This model diorama depicts the wreckage of the "Lady Be Good" as it might have looked when first discovered in 1959

At 2:50 p.m. on April 4, 1943, 25 B-24Ds of the 376th Bomb Group took off from their U.S. Army Air Force Base at Soluch, Libya, for a high-altitude bombing attack against Axis harbor facilities at Naples, Italy. Twenty-four aircraft returned safely to Allied territory that night - the one aircraft missing was the "Lady Be Good."

We hope that you come and visit this exhibit soon, and learn more about the "Lady Be Good."

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